Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mane Intentions Hair Fragrance

Mane Intentions is a collection of five odor neutralizing hair fragrances that come in a convenient 2oz. plastic bottle. These fragrances are light, yet very effective in removing unpleasant odor from hair. Mane Intentions works on all hair types and colors and does not interfere with other hair care products or chemical treatments. Mane Intentions is the perfect practical beauty trick to remove hair odor after dining out, exercising or for women who want to decrease the frequency of daily shampoos.
Apricot Honey Hair Refresher - Replace any unpleasant odor with the captivating scent of sweet apricot nectar blended with the richness of honey. Spray on dry hair after styling or anytime you need refreshing. Will not harm chemically treated hair. 

Apricot Honey Hair Refresher from Mane Intentions is available in 2oz at Beauty Cafe