Monday, May 21, 2012

What's New at Beauty Cafe

Beauty Cafe in thrilled to introduce two new fragrances from the Les Senteurs Gourmandes line of Laurence Dumont. 

Prune Jasmin
The plum from the orchards of Ente, France is a typical fruit of the Southwestern countryside. Its velvety flesh has an incredible taste of cooked fruit. In this olfactory composition, the plum marries the cool sweetness of Jasmine and the sensuality of patchouli for a provocative blend!

An effortlessly sexy fragrance!
Notes of: Ente Plum – Yellow Plum – Red berries – Plum flowers -  White musk – Vanilla – Precious wood

Vanille Noire
The perfectly intoxicating fragrance of rich, bourbony vanilla with an incredible purity... no baked or butter notes, not a musky  vanilla. Succumb to the temptation of a fragrance skin of a rare sensuality.  Between freshness and sensuality, transparency and depth, Vanilla Black reveals his temperament smooth wood in contact with the skin.

Very feminine and very couture
Notes of: Pink berries – Cinnamon – Pepper – Clove – Ylang Ylang – Rose – Mexican Vanilla - Musk

Laurence Dumont, Les Senteurs Gourmandes
Both available in 100ml, $39.00