Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Shopping at Beauty Cafe!!

We're offering Free Shipping in the U.S. via US Priority Mail during the holidays on all orders over 50.00!!! Please keep in mind that your final total AFTER all coupons, gift certificates, etc must be over 50.00 to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping DOES NOT apply to international orders and please note that we do not ship fragrances outside the continental US.

To ease your holiday shopping experience we are accepting payment via Google Checkout, Paypal and our secure server. We accept all major credit cards through these payment services. If you wish to pay via check, please note that we will require a 10 day hold for funds to clear.

When you place your order, you will receive an automated email confirmation from our shopping cart. If you do not receive this, you may find that it has gone into your Spam folder. You will also receive from us within 24 hours either an out of stock email or tracking email. If you do not receive any of these emails please contact us immediately.

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday season!! I'll be keeping ya'll updated.

Love, laughter and friendship,


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Frank Los Angeles Fragrances

Just in time for the holidays, we are proud to introduce you to a very boutiquish fragrance line for the beloved men in our lives... but shhhhh don't tell them that we like it sooo much that we're wearing it too!! It's just our little secret, mmkay?

Frank Los Angeles, A name that salutes both heritage and forthrightness. Upfront, distinct and cutting-edge, FRANK is a boutique fragrance house that taps into the contemporary zeitgeist while keeping the time-honored traditions of small-batch artisan perfume making at the core. Bold and unique, yet minimal, FRANK’s hand-crafted creations are a salute to men of this age.

Frank No 1 -
Crisp and sophisticated

Exotic herbs and green tea notes create an unusual twist to this dynamic mens fragrance. Sparkling citrus and warm spice notes compliment the rare essence of Galbanum and Ginger root. With an extraordinary blend of over 100 essential oils, this fragrance is distinctly complex, yet smooth and invigorating.

Frank No 2 - Magnetic and sensual
FRANK No. 2 has a calm and elegant opening, which immediately warms to a soft bed of spice and woods. Precious notes of Bergamot, Balsam Fir, Plum and White Lavender are tempered with exotic Cognac and Coffee Bean essence, creating a deep, slightly-sweet hypnotic scent. Perfectly balanced, unmistakably masculine.

Frank No 3 - Refreshing and discrete
Soothing cucumber, fresh casaba melon and vibrant citrus are blended with the peppery herbal bite of clary sage and lavender to create a Men’s fragrance that is clean and compelling. Base notes of white musk, oak moss, and suede give this a warm and reassuring sophistication. Elegant, easy to wear and suitable for any occasion.

Frank 65ml, 65.00

Love, Laughter, and friendship

Beauty Cafe

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bond No 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory

Bond No 9 introduces Andy Warhol's The Silver Factory to their prestigious fragrance collection.

The Silver Factory—also known simply as the Factory. In operation from 1964–1968, Warhol’s original studio, hangout, and club central, located in a nondescript building on East 47th Street, acquired visual uniqueness with its aluminum-foil walls. These walls evoked silver-backed mirrors—emblems of the narcissism that suffused the times. The Silver Factory served as a galvanizing forum for artists, silkscreeners, actors, filmmakers, debutants, activists, hustlers, and misfits—all of whom somehow contributed to the creativity. It was here that Warhol emerged as an avant garde filmmaker, pop art progenitor, and all-around superstar.

The slender bottle, with a background of textured silver (so fashionable this season), displays a unique graphic inspired by the Campbell’s Soup Can design in bold colors as created by Warhol in a series of his colored Campbell Soup Can silkscreen paintings in 1965: dissonant blocks of turquoise and purple, with the distinctive Campbell’s script in mustard yellow.

Like all the scents-in-progress that we are designing for our Warhol repertory,
this one is of ambiguous male-female gender.

Bond No 9's Silver Factory, a smooth, smoky, spicy blend of interlacing incense (a key scent of the ‘60s), wood resin, and syrupy, seductive amber. But just to complicate things,
a heart of jasmine, iris, and violet—a scent that Warhol was especially fond of. These slightly
dissonant florals combine to evoke a metallic effect— that of warmed-up, molten silver,
and then, for the merest hint of coolness, we threw in a handful of cedarwood.

Love, laughter and friendship

Beauty Cafe

Friday, November 02, 2007

L'Artisan Parfumeur Limited Editions 2007

Just in time for the holiday season... L'Artisan Parfumeur has released their 2007 Limited Editions... and we could not be more excited. Iris Pallida 2007 - is one of the most incredible fragrances I have ever worn. I just can't seem to get enough of it the past couple of days...

The tender sweetness of the blue flower top notes, with their fresh floral scent, slightly green, is redolent of lily of the valley, softened by suave powdery notes with marshmallow accents, essences of orange blossom, Turkish rose and star aniseed, that a violet leaf absolu renders tenderly infantile.

In the velvety, floral-wood middle notes, hints of cedar, vetiver, and patchouli merge with the depth of the Iris absolu creating an almost gourmet accent, reminiscent of chocolate.. Woody and floral, it emerges without artifice, in its most extreme subletly.

The base notes, with their warm, lingery woody nuances, ambrette seeds and white musks, blend with the vibrant Iris, rendering it slightly powdery without overstating its natural. Smoke accents of guaiac harmonise with patchouli, bringing a light leathery effect to this complex note of warm wood.

L'Artisan also reintroduces Fleur d'Oranger this year... The rare and ephemeral fragrance of a sublimated exceptionnal harvest. The fragrance of an outstanding orange flower, harvested in Tunisia, in the fields of Nabeul and specially reserved for L'Artisan Parfumeur.

Fresh and suave, both virginal and sensual, this Eau de Parfum evokes the dizzy scent of Tunisian orange trees blossoms and the almond sweetness of an oriental pastry.

Let this Orange Blossom surprise you! It is a limited edition (2990 bottles), unique and irresistible. Once the vintage is exhausted, it can not be recreated.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Fragrant shopping!!

Love, laughter, and friendship,
Beauty Cafe

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New from Comptoir Sud Pacifique at Beauty Cafe!!

Not just one fragrance release... but 2 fragrance releases just in time for the holidays from Comptoir Sud Pacifique!!! Can you say excited!!!

Mage d'Orient

Of this travel by East, Comptoir Sud Pacifique captured rare and warm grades, unexpected impressions, agreements astonishing and surprising, to the accents a not very wooded, delicious spiced ones with chili, all in plumpness … Terribly enchanting as the east earths…

An unpublished agreement of exotic fruity grades on a flower heart to the sunny accents. The more masculine facets are given by the Sandalwood, the Vétyver and the Foams Oak, enveloped of a soft agreement crème and voluptuous, punctuated of a key enchanting Broad Beans Tonka,
Vanilla and an amber breath and of Musc.

Top Notes : Bergamot orange, Limette, Green Lemon,
Pineapple, Lychee, Apple, Coconut Walnut Fresh.

Middle Notes : Sea spray, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender,
Muguet, orange-tree Flower

Base Notes : Sandalwood, Vétyver, Cedar, Foam Oak, Pine Resin,
Milk and Coconut Walnut, Broad Beans Tonka, Amber, Musc, Vanilla.

Available in 100ml size for 85.00

Eau d.Naphe

A gentle and sensual fragrance with beautiful notes
reminiscent of the country of the Sun... The water of Naphé… a poetic name to designate the orange-tree flower, represents a perfect marriage of orange-blossom and jasmine.

A true concentration of sweet sensuality, and a sumptuous bouquet of white flowers, that offers a delicious unequaled perfume. Gently stirred with ylang-ylang of the Comores Islands,
this sumptuous blend of exotic flowers with a warm spicy base accord
of cedar and musc will leave passers-by enchanted by your sensual wake.

Top notes:
Lemon, Brazilian Orange, Coconut

Middle notes:
Jasmine, Orange Blossom Absolute, Ylang-Ylang

Base notes:
White Musk, Cedar Wood

Available in 100ml size for 85.00


Love, laughter and friendship,
Beauty Cafe