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L'Artisan Parfumeur Traversée du Bosphore

 Traversée du Bosphore Eau de Parfum

Amid a thousand splendid palaces, between Europe and Asia, tradition and modernity, an enthusiastic and adventurous traveller named L’Artisan Parfumeur invites you on a majestic crossing of the Bosphorus to discover breathtaking Istanbul.
A unique atmosphere emanates from the mysterious fascination of this paradoxical place, providing a rich source of inspiration for Bertrand Duchaufour, one of L'Artisan Parfumeur’s talented “noses”.
Indelibly marked by its history yet always turned towards the future, enriched by a tumultuous past yet still contemporary and creative, Istanbul revels in its turbulent, energetic reputation. Bertrand Duchaufour returned from his journey there laden with watercolours, sketches, photographs and, above all, with Traversée du Bosphore. This eau de parfum is precise yet mysterious, offering the scent of a listless day spent exploring Istanbul and the memory of a spellbinding stroll taken at random through its narrow streets.
The crossing of the Bosphorus, from one bank to the other, is an experience best enjoyed at daybreak...
The men sit around in an endless, casual debate, the tobacco smoke rising lazily from their hookahs. The scent of hot juicy apples floats up into the air.
Gardens bursting with a thousand dazzling tulips exude green notes carrying a hint of saffron. The delicate fragrance of the saffron becomes almost overwhelming as the spice market draws near, blending deliciously with the aroma of leather that scorches the air around the tanneries.
It is easy to lose oneself wandering through this maze of tiny streets at random, escorted and intoxicated by the suave, soft perfume of Turkish Delight, oscillating between rose and pistachio. A swirl of gentle musk emanates from every unhurried step, which slow and become almost aimless as dusk approaches.
If losing oneself in Istanbul happens quickly, the desire to find one’s way again is slowly banished to oblivion…

Available at Beauty Cafe, 100ml $155.00