Thursday, September 10, 2009

Les Scenteurs Gourmandes by Laurence Dumont

Les Scenteurs Gourmandes: True perfumes of emotion inspired by the famed Gascony region in France known for its douceur de vivre ("sweetness of life"). Laurence Dumont introduce four rich and distinctive eau de parfums evoking Childhood Memories, The Orchard, Traditional Vanilla, Travel Diary.

Figue Sauvage: The sweet scent of sundrenched fruit. An intense Eau de Parfum
that's a mixture of originality and refinement, with straying notes of
mouth-watering fruit and harmonies of woodland greenery.

Musc Blanc: ’A clear and calm, musky scent.
It is the end of bath time, when your skin smells so good, rubbed in the big towel’

Tendre Madeleine: The sweet, warm, gourmet smell of a moist round-topped cake.
A sweet treat from morning till night like this traditional biscuit.

Vanille Bourbon: 'A delicious spray!
Merriness and femininity with its sensual, sweet and sunny notes upon the skin".

Vanille Chocolate: ‟Distinctive vanilla with a honey-scented heart and
an intense aroma of chocolate for an exhilarating sensation‟

Vanille Frangipanier: An exotic journey in the Caribbean beneath one of the loveliest tropical trees. A Summer essence bathed by island sun.

Vanille Monoi:
‘We see the Vahin├ęs, beautiful and generous Tahitian women, surrounded in a late afternoon light.”

Vanille Monoi is like the generous caress of a summer sun.
A beautiful blend of vanilla, tiare and coconut-scented air mixed with citrus fruits
and island breezes carrying a light mist of sweet rose-and-jasmine.

Vanille Orientele: ’Is this Madras or rather Lahore, or Luxor perhaps?
Above all, it is the Orient with its golden sun’’.

Vanille Patchouli: "The softness of a gentle, delicate and enchanting sensation that veils a velvety heart"

Vanille Violette: Spices and bergamot, combined with subtle notes of vanilla, white musk and benzoin, mixed with a floral violet, rose and lily of the valley to offer an intensely feminine fragrance.

Les Scenteurs Gourmandes Available in Eau de Parfum, 100ml $59.00