Saturday, June 14, 2008

La Sultane de Saba at Beauty Cafe

Beauty Cafe invites you to enter the luxurious and mysteriously seductive world of La Sultane de Saba, a Beauty Cafe exclusive...

Sultan de Saba

Sultan de Saba LogoLa Sultane de Saba
The "La Sultane de Saba" brand is born out of a dream…
a dream of sharing, of generosity…
a dream of escape, of traveling…
a dream of ancestral tradition…sultan girl

La Sultane de Saba's very concept is based on the ancient and precious beauty rituals of oriental women, which are passed down the generations from mother to daughter. Inspired by the Queen of Sheba, renowned for her great beauty and her secret rituals and scents, contributing to her unique air of mystery and seduction.

All La Sultane de Saba's products are made from rare and precious essences from far-away countries. These products are not tested on animals, are paraben-free, and do not contain any animal ingredients. All products come packaged in glass to preserve freshness and conserve the original scent, as well as being ready for recycling.

Each of the products has specific properties that nourishes the body and balances the spirit for the very essence of relaxation and well-being.

Sold exclusively through the Beauty Cafe.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laila of Norway Purse Size Spray at Beauty Cafe

Laila is the true essence of Norway, beauty, freshness and woman.

Laila got it’s name because this fragrance means so much to Geir. He copied his Mom’s signature without her knowing it, had it silk screened on the bottle and surprised her with it on Mother’s Day. The little boy who went with his mom to the mountains years ago, was now able to thank her for her love and inspiration.

Laila is “fresh, clean & alluring - everything a woman wants to be!”. An exhilarating blend of natural oils, Laila is an infusion of Norwegian mountain wildflowers with just a touch of fruit inflections – including watermelon. With no synthetic additives, it mixes with the skin’s own oils to remain fresh all day without turning or fading.

Laila intoxicates the senses.

Now available in a handy purse size to go... $35.00 and of course Laila is available in 50ml, 100ml and the enriching Body Cream.

Love, laughter and friendship

Beauty Cafe

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Secret Meadows from Majenty at Beauty Cafe

Majenty perfumes was launched in March 2006. A delightful collection of perfume oils that has captured the eyes of the press and celebrities.
Majenty perfumes do not contain alcohol.
Majenty offers highly concentrated, alcohol free, hand-blended perfume oils.

Majenty perfumes expertly accented oils begin with either a gardenia or
coconut base infused with various floral mixtures.

Each perfume is produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety and the finished product does not contain ingredients tested on animals.

Each roll on perfume bottle weighs a half of an ounce and comes
with its own handmade linen pouch.

Introducing Secret Meadow -

Secret Meadow is a hibiscus based perfume oil with a
warm blend of precious woods, vevelty amber and
crips notes of lilac and freesia which tenderly seduces
your senses into happiness and tranquility.

This scent is both rich and pure; a true tropical and exotic fragrance.

1/2oz - $48.00

Love, laughter and friendship

Beauty Cafe