Friday, April 25, 2008

Violettes de Toulouse Parfum at Beauty Cafe

Violettes de Toulouse from Parfums Berdoues.....

A laughing, happy, vivacious fragrance, full of joy and spirit. a cheerful scent like nature's renewal. A brightly-colored symphony.
A way of re-embracing life in sudden burst of life. The city of toulouse is known for growing the best quality violets in the world for perfumery use.

It takes 6000lbs of flowers needed to obtain
2.2lbs of pure violet essence.

Top Notes of: Fruity Floral, Jasmine, Spicy Bergamot, Absolute of Violet Leaf
Middle Notes of: Floral, Cyclamon, Almond Tree, Flowers, Lilac and Violet Base Notes of: Woody Floral, Iris, Sandalwood, and Sweet Musk.

Unleash your imagination and creativity, enhance your spirituality with the fragrance of Violettes de Toulouse. Available in soaps gift set, eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

Beauty Cafe's favorite is the Violettes de Toulouse Soap Gift set of 3 intoxicating soaps in a beautiful presentation, great for Mother's Day!!! Set of 3, $26.50

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bond No. 9 Candles

Hello EVERYONE- hope you are having a great week. It's been a while. Hope you like the new look of the Beauty Cafe website. We also changed the look of the blog to fit, but we are still in the process of moving things around and changing things.

Just wanted to remind you guys of some of the lines at Beauty Cafe. As you know we carry Bond No. 9.. and we also have CANDLES.

so when you think of the creme de la creme of candles

who do you think of?
Bond No 9 of course, the fragrance line born out of the love of NYC.
Envelope your house, office, or hotel suite
with the luxury fragrances that you love from Bond No 9.

Unlike other candles, Bond No 9 candles contain between
16 to 20 percent perfume concentration.
To ensure the fragrances from fading, a gilt metal cap is included,
to be placed over the candle whenever it isn't lit.

Using only the finest in waxes and wicks,
Bond No 9 candles will burn for approx. 60 hours

And of course, available at the Beauty Cafe.

Live, Laugh, Love
Alannah Slavik
Beauty Cafe

Friday, April 04, 2008

Pardon our dust!

There have been some changes lately on the Beauty Cafe Website. We have recently changed the look, as well as the blog [to match]. We are still finishing cleaning up small details. If anything doesn't look right on your browser you are welcome to let us know. Thanks!

Live. Laugh. Love
Beauty Cafe