Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's a Fragrance Addict To Do?

What determines your fragrance du jour? Are you driven by your emotions, what outfit you are wearing or a special event?

I remember when I was a little girl there was a woman in my apartment building that always wore the same fragrance. She had a signature scent and she was always dressed very Hollywood chic. You always knew when Van had been in the elevator or somewhere in the building because there was the loveliest trace of violets lingering behind. I swore back then that I too would have a signature scent... and so here I am at 43 with over 100 signature scents on my bathroom counter. I bet I am not alone in this. ;-)

Yesterday, I was chatting with a new friend, who also happens to be a fragrance designer for a new line that we will be carrying at the Beauty Cafe (stay tuned my friends!!) and she too also select her fragrance based on her mood.

Today feeling a bit flirtatious and so I decided to wear Bond No 9 So New York.I love rediscovering an old favorite. It reminds me of falling in love for the first time, all over again. What a lovely fragrance and sooo sooo perfect for today... a chocolate fantasy indeed!! The true description:
fruity scent of bergamot and plum (as in plum pudding). Then come two unique new accords: bittersweet espresso, and a seductive warm milk accord. Patchouli, lily of the valley, peony, musk and precious woods add to the grown-up flavor. Notes of Mirabelle, Espresso Accord, Cocoa Powder.

love, laughter and friendship
Beauty Cafe

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bond Shipments

Just wanted to let everyone know we received another Bond No 9 shipment yesterday and now all Fire Island backorders have been filled completely!! If you have us holding bottles for you, please get in touch with us!

Also, we got in shipments yesterday from Laila of Norway, including the custom Tromso set and more of the Bronzers, and Zents including the coveted Pear and Mandarin sprays!!

Mish came by the store yesterday... she's 6mos prego now and looks adorable. She tried on the Fire Island while she was there and oh my gawd... it smelled like pure heaven on her!! She's doing fine but is on bed rest til October 28th!

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Love, laughter and friendship

Beauty Cafe

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Get Jack Black!!

Featured in the May issue of Men's Health Magazine:

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer -
Best New Moisturizer with Sunscreen
"This moisturizer's not all defense—in addition to blocking UVA and UVB spectrum sunlight, it encourages collagen production, which keeps your skin taut and wrinkle-free.

We definitely agree... and a little Beauty Cafe secret: it's not just for men only... I've been using the Jack Black Double Duty Moisturizer for a couple of years now!! A local television station had a Dermatologist compare it against moisturizers that were twice the price... her favorite The Double Duty Moisturizer... and to think I had access to this gem already... Very lightweight and works well under make up and yes it doesn't feel icky in the 100 degree heat!! Very important these days!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Zents Lotions

Just wanted to pass along some great press information that we received from our Zents Sales Rep, Amber... Zents Lotion was recently featured in a Q + A in InStyle magazine. A reader had written in regarding what she could use before/after waxing. Instyle magazine suggested using Zents Lotion and featured "Fresh" which just happens to be one our best sellers... The editor mentioned that it was an anti-inflamatory containing chamomile, green tea, and Vitamins A and E. We love it because of the Shea Butter and St. John's Wort.

Dog days of summer

Well its going to be a scorcher here in Dallas today... 106 and who cares what the heat index is... 60% humidity (and I took a shower, why?).

We received two shipments in yesterday (yes I came in on my day off and waited for the cute UPS guy!)... one from Caswell Massey that restocked our supply of Almond Aloe... We are fully restocked on the Caswell Massey Almond Cold Cream Bath Soap that we know is a huge favorite and the Caswell Massey Almond Aloe Body Talc... I took one of these home yesterday and used it this am to cool me off after I got out of the shower. It really did feel nice!! Actually layering quite nicely with the Bond No 9 Eau de New York that I am wearing this am.

Speaking of Bond No 9, we did receive our first of 3 shipments this week!! So many of the backorders for Fire Island 50ml did make it out. We have 2 other shipments coming which will include more of the Fire Island 50ml and 100mls!!

In other news, those waiting on the Violettes de Toulouse... we did hear from our supplier... the shipment from France is due in anyday... so hopefully we should have ours by the end of the month!!

We're loving the feedback on the new Comptoir Sud Pacifique fragrance, Vanille Citrus!! So very clean, cool and refreshing especially during these dog days of summer. And btw, we are fully stocked in Denise Richard's fragrance that was featured recently, Aloha Tiare!!

Hope all is well with everyone!! Stay as cool as possible!!

Love, laughter, and friendship,

Beauty Cafe