Friday, April 30, 2010

Violette de Toulouse from Parfums Berdoues

Almost in time for Mother's Day... our coveted and highly anticipated shipment from Parfums Berdoues is on its way to us... we should have it by the middle of next week. So we'll do our best to get your orders out in time for Mother's Day!!!

Violette de Toulouse from Parfums Berdoues..... A laughing, happy, vivacious fragrance, full of joy and spirit. a cheerful scent like nature's renewal. A brightly-colored symphony. A way of re-embracing life in sudden burst of life. The city of toulouse is known for growing the best quality violets in the world for perfumery use. It takes 6000lbs of flowers needed to obtain 2.2lbs of pure violet essence.
Top Notes of: Fruity Floral, Jasmine, Spicy Bergamot, Absolute of Violet Leaf
Middle Notes of: Floral, Cyclamon, Almond Tree, Flowers, Lilac and Violet
Base Notes of: Woody Floral, Iris, Sandalwood, and Sweet
Musk Unleash your imagination and creativity, enhance your spirituality with the fragrance of Violettes de Toulouse. Available in soaps, eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

Also we are thrilled to introduce two new fragrances from the Parfums Berdoues Collection.

Violette Divine 

Violette Divine eau de parfum
Top Notes: Mandarine, Violette
Middle Notes: Cedre, Violette, Tabac Blend
Base Notes: Santal, Tubereuse

Violette Cherie

Violette Cherie eau de parfum
After a start of lilac and violet, associated with the delicate and smooth honey, the fragrance combines fresh and sweet scents of mimosa and neroli. The base note is composed of lily of the valley and musk.
Top Notes: Lilac, Violet and Honey
Middle Notes: Mimosa and Neroli
Base Notes: Lily of the Valley and Musk.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Whats New at Beauty Cafe

Our look... after almost 14yrs in business... we've spent the past month giving ourselves a face lift. Yup a little nip and tuck there but adding oh so many new features!!! Including a Shoppers Reward feature that we're pretty excited about. We're still working out the bugs but until April 30th, we're inviting you to come and do a little exploring about at Beauty Cafe and shop til you drop saving 10% by using coupon code BCboutique upon checkout.

Oh and if you do encounter any bugs or issues along the way or just want to give us some feedback, please be sure to fill out the Contact Us form. Thanks!!

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