Monday, July 12, 2010

Kae Argatherapie Shampoo for Normal Hair at Beauty Cafe

Nourish your hair with the latest product offering from Kae Argatherapie from France. 

Nutri-radiance highly concentrated shampoo

Argan oil shampoo with soft foaming base. Highly effective for flat and dull hair. Kae nutri-radiance shampoo combines argan oil with grape and hibiscus essences and revitalizing essential oils. It gives essential nourishing and energizing elements to hair fibers.
With Kae nutri-radiance shampoo, your hair has volume and looks shiny and healthy. It is soft, light and easy to comb.

For normal and oily hair.

How to use:   "On wet hair, spread a quarter size amount,  massage and rinse. Repeat. Can be used daily ."    

Kae Argatherapie Shampoo, 200 ml   $38.00 
To be used in combination with : KaƩ Nutri-Radiance leave-in hair serum.


Friday, July 02, 2010

Les Senteurs Gourmandes available in 50ml

Good things do come in small packages... just like Les Senteurs Gourmandes has made available a selection of their fragrances in 50ml size.

Situated in the heart of south-western France, Laboratoire Laurence Dumont’s founder Nadine Petit has spent years specializing in the art of developing and producing luxury perfumes to its own specifications: Classic essences of the highest quality, gathered from around the world and carefully selected by Dumont’s fragrance specialists. The result is a unique range of scents inspired by warm and voluptuous notes, aptly named, “gourmet fragrances.” Some of Laurence Dumont’s best-selling scents are included in their vanilla line. They have combined everything from chocolate and patchouli to violette and orchids with this soul-warming fragrance line loved by fans of all ages.
True perfumes of emotion inspired by the famed Gascony region in France known for its douceur de vivre (“sweetness of life”). After an absence of 2 years, Laurence Dumont re-launches a collection of rich and distinctive eau de parfums evoking Childhood Memories, The Orchard, Traditional Vanilla, Travel Diary.

Les Senteurs Gourmandes, selected fragrances available in 50ml $35.00 and the entire line available in 100ml, $50.00