Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kaeline Argatherapie Skin Care at Beauty Cafe

Kaeline Argatherapie imported from France.

Argan oil is rare.
Argan oil has the richest natural vitamin E
content of all plant oils in the world.

Kaeline respects Nature and your skin
Kaeline products are 100% pure and organic without any additives, conservatives or chemical components.
Kaeline products are ECOCERT and COSMEBIO certified.

Kaeline, an ethical brand.
The oil production is 100% managed by a co-operative of women,
with the help of an European NGO. This provides economic sustenance to rural families and provides these women with wages and an improved socio-economic standard of living.


"A complete treatment to wrap up your body."

Oil with unique and complete virtues, Argan oil is comprised of 80% unsaturated fats and has extraordinary biological activities thanks to its richness in vitamin E - 3 times more than in any other natural oil.

The perfect complements of Argan oil, essential oils are true concentrates of aromatic active principles.

Kaeline Argatherapie

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Les Senteurs Gourmandes at Beauty Cafe

Les Senteurs Gourmandes
by Laurence Dumont

True perfumes of emotion inspired by the famed Gascony region in France known for its douceur de vivre ("sweetness of life"). Laurence Dumont introduce four rich and distinctive eau de parfums evoking Childhood Memories, The Orchard, Traditional Vanilla, Travel Diary.

Figue Sauvage - The sweet scent of sundrenched fruit. An intense Eau de Parfum that's a mixture of originality and refinement, with straying notes of mouth-watering fruit and harmonies of woodland greenery.

Top: Green notes, bergamote, ylang
Middle: Fig, violet
Base: Vanilla, sandalwood

Tendre Madeleine - The sweet, warm, gourmet smell of a moist round-topped cake. A sweet treat from morning till night like this traditional biscuit.

Top: Bergamote, cannelle
Middle: Almond
Base: Vanilla, white musc, precious wood

Vanille Frangipanier - An exotic journey in the Caribbean beneath one of the loveliest tropical trees. A Summer essence bathed by island sun.

Top: Lemon, almond, toffy
Middle: Ylang Ylang, spicies, milk
Base: Vanilla, precious wood, white musc

Musc Blanc - A clear and calm, musky scent. It is the end of bath time, when your skin smells so good, rubbed in the big towel’

Top: Ambrette
Middle: Tarragon, lily of the Valley, rose
Base: White musc

Les Senteurs de Gourmandes 100ml Eau de Parfum, $59.00

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