Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sarah Horowitz Parfums at Beauty Cafe

As an artist, Sarah Horowitz has always strived to create fragrances that express the individuality of the wearer and entice those around them. These latest designs are no different, and are conceptually based on the powerful connection between the spirit, heart, and mind. Each fragrance is formulated to evolve differently on everyone, and can be worn alone or layered with the other fragrances in the collection for uniquely beautiful results. Wear these exquisite perfumes, and prepare to enter that place where all great journeys begin.

Sarah began designing custom fragrances in the late 1980's as a freshman at Emerson College. A theater major, she stumbled upon part-time work at an off-beat, apothecary-style perfumery called Essence on Boston's famed Newbury Street, which specialized in creating custom fragrances for its clientele. Fueled by an intuitive knack for perfumery and the conviction that fragrance was a vehicle for self-expression, Sarah would work one-on-one with clients for hours at a time to design their perfect customized scent. She called this process The Fragrance Journey™, which would become the heart and soul of her business - now commanding upwards of $1000 for a custom perfume. After nearly four years apprenticing at Essence, Sarah, with help from her family, purchased the store where she continued to fine-tune her craft and build a reputation as an accomplished and imaginative nose. In 1994, she sold her stake, packed up her perfume oils and moved to Los Angeles where she founded Creative Scentualization.

What Comes From Within

In 2006, Sarah developed a line of perfumes called What Comes from Within. The collection includes five fragrances -- Light, Love, Peace, Joy and Beauty-- that can also be worn individually or combined to create the wearer's own personal scent. This line truly embodies Sarah's personal philosophy, both in fragrance and in life.

Light, Love, Peace, Joy and Beauty available in 50ml, 95.00

Love, Laughter and friendship

Beauty Cafe

Monday, March 24, 2008

Beauty Cafe on Facebook!!

We have a fan page on Facebook!

Search for us under Beauty Cafe and "become a fan", it's just that simple. We will have updates and you can talk to us on there under our discussion board. Hope everyone is doing well and had a great safe & fun spring break.

Look forward to being friends on facebook!

Alannah Slavik
Beauty Cafe

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spa Towells

OK... we all know the concept of the Moist Wipes that you get in the restaurants or carry in our purses... but imagine Moisture Towels on the go... yes, on the go!! They come individually sealed packages. One wipe contains enough moisturizer to lather your entire body in a delicious clean fresh scent (that won't interfer with your fav fragrance, we checked). If you like you can even cut them down and reuse them simply by keeping them in a sealed sandwich baggie.

For a wonderfully convenient way to moisturize, use just out of the shower, on the run from one activity to another, after a relaxing pedicure or when traveling. Moisturize legs with a Spa Towell after shaving for a super smooth, lustrous sheen that can last all day. Use this new beauty product as often as desired on face, neck, hands, legs and body to soften, pamper and protect skin.

Individually packaged body moisturizing towelettes are extremely handy and convenient. Packets are lightweight and easily fit into purses, pockets, backpacks, golf bags, tennis bags...the list goes on and on. Pack several into your suitcase for your next trip. No more bulky bottles or messy spills and leaks!

Live, Laugh, Love
Beauty Cafe

Friday, March 14, 2008

FRANK Los Angeles at Beauty Cafe

Hey.. it's me again. Just wanted to remind you guys about a line we have at the Beauty Cafe. It's called Frank.

A name that salutes both heritage and forthrightness. Upfront, distinct and cutting-edge, FRANK is a boutique fragrance house that taps into the contemporary zeitgeist while keeping the time-honored traditions of small-batch artisan perfume making at the core. Bold and unique, yet minimal, FRANK’s hand-crafted creations are a salute to men of this age.

So come check it out on our website!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

DermaLastyl Gets Blog Press!

We're sooo excited to see DermaLastyl receiving press!! Here is the latest from City Chick Magazine

Look for DermaLastyl advertising in the March Issues of Bon Appetit, Family Circle, Fitness, Self, More, as well as Southwest Airlines.

DermaLastyl™ is unlike any other skin care line currently on the market. Smoothness, elasticity, youthfulness... our skin enjoys these desirable characteristics thanks to elastin, the protein that prevents wrinkles and keeps skin soft, smooth and flexible. Present in connective tissue, elastin, like elastic permits many of the body's tissues to reclaim their original shape after stretching and contracting.

To restore and maintain the healthy, youthful looking skin we all desire, DermaLastyl™ introduces an additional source of elastin. Created by skin cells, tropelastin functions as the most natural form of human elastin, warding off wrinkles and the signs of aging.

DermaLastyl™ reacts with the skin, tropoelastin moves freely within the structure of the skin providing a synthesized source of elastin from outside the body, called Elastatropin™. Elastatropin™ then moves inside the layers of skin, converts into elastin and integrates itself into the skin, successfully restoring skin's youthful look and feel, delivering smoothness and elasticity to all skin types.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Andy Warhol Union Square

We had SNOW, in Dallas TX. Can you believe it?

Introducing the second fragrance from the Andy Warhol Collection from Bond No 9,
Union Square. Enveloped in Warhol's iconic flower motif, Union Square is a new level of sophistication.
A seductive green floral, that is still cool and warm.

Top notes of Lily of the Valley and Green Stem Notes.
Middle notes of Sweet Blue Freesia and White Birchwood
Basenotes of Amber and Silver Cloud Musk Accord.

Now available to be ordered at the Beauty Cafe.

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