Friday, January 09, 2009

Love Comes From Within - Sarah Horowitz Parfums

In 2006, Sarah Horowitz developed a line of perfumes called What Comes from Within. The collection includes five fragrances -- Light, Love, Peace, Joy and Beauty-- that can also be worn individually or combined to create the wearer's own personal scent. This line truly embodies Sarah's personal philosophy, both in fragrance and in life.

Love Comes From Within is an alluring tribute to both the passions that exist within all of us and the treasure that is the human heart. Its seductive clove top note introduces a sensuously sexy middle note of spicy carnation and rose, a flower long renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. The fragrance's textured, warm base note accord of Tunisian Amber, French Vanilla, Clean Musk and Indian Sandalwood beckons others to draw near as it evolves on the skin. Love Comes From Within™ is a fragrance designed to inspire that priceless love of self that makes one irresistible.

Available in 50ml, $95.00
Love Comes From Within

Love, laughter and friendship

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