Monday, May 26, 2008

Father's Day at Beauty Cafe

Geir Ness for Men, created by Geir Ness, the creator and designer of Laila. Geir introduces his first Norwegian fragrance for men, an intoxicating blend of herbs, wetwood, and natural oils create this clean, distinctive, and sensual scent.

Geir Ness for Men
Available in 50ml, 100ml and deodorant.



A name that salutes both heritage and forthrightness. Upfront, distinct and cutting-edge, FRANK is a boutique fragrance house that taps into the contemporary zeitgeist while keeping the time-honored traditions of small-batch artisan perfume making at the core. Bold and unique, yet minimal, FRANK’s hand-crafted creations are a salute to men of this age.

Frank "Original" - Crisp and sophisticated
Exotic herbs and green tea notes create an unusual twist to this dynamic mens fragrance. Sparkling citrus and warm spice notes compliment the rare essence of Galbanum and Ginger root. With an extraordinary blend of over 100 essential oils, this fragrance is distinctly complex, yet smooth and invigorating.

Frank "2" - Magnetic and sensual
FRANK No. 2 has a calm and elegant opening, which immediately warms to a soft bed of spice and woods. Precious notes of Bergamot, Balsam Fir, Plum and White Lavender are tempered with exotic Cognac and Coffee Bean essence, creating a deep, slightly-sweet hypnotic scent. Perfectly balanced, unmistakably masculine.

Frank "3" - Refreshing and discrete
Soothing cucumber, fresh casaba melon and vibrant citrus are blended with the peppery herbal bite of clary sage and lavender to create a Men’s fragrance that is clean and compelling. Base notes of white musk, oak moss, and suede give this a warm and reassuring sophistication. Elegant, easy to wear and suitable for any occasion.

Available in 50ml, $65.00

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