Monday, November 28, 2011

Keromask Masking Cream launches new colors

Keromask Camoflage Cream by Christy UK, is now available in 21 colors, 3 mixing colors and 4 finishing powders. Keromask is an ultra-highly pigmented and extremely concentrated concealer for disguising a variety of common skin problems.

Powerfully concentrated, just a small pin-drop of Keromask® is all that’s needed for many kinds of skin discoloration coverages. Generally one thin smoothed layer is sufficient coverage for most situations.

Everyday make-up can be applied over a sealed area of Keromask® without disturbing it. Keromask has an SPF12 sunscreen and is 100% waterproof when sealed with a loose finishing powder.

Serious skin irregularities as mentioned above can have a devastating effect on an individual’s morale and self-confidence. Keromask® is widely recommended by hospitals, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and skin clinics, as well as, leading beauty establishments as a superior camouflage product and is the top choice for disguising the after effects of plastic or reconstructive surgery. Keromask® allows the patient to get on with everyday life in comfort and confidence.

For video's on how to apply Keromask, please click here.